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where the learning process is marked not only by the degree study but also by the training of persons with critical thought that enables us to think about a better future.

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A University Information System. It allows you to enrol in the UNLC, check your grades, register for courses and exams.

A space to study the contents of your degree programme. Access to your courses, bibliography, practical assignments, forums and other activities.

Our commitment is for a quality and inclusive education, which expands the real equality of opportunities. Know the policies that we implement

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What is the University Preparatory Course?

This course is one of the admission requirements to the University. During this course, you should familiarise yourself with university education and approach to the basic disciplines of the programme or study area that you have chosen.

The course is made up of units that are shared with all the university degree programmes, and basic units related to the programme of your choice, as well. The approval of all units will enable the inscription for the courses of the first year of the corresponding degree programme.

You can take this course in October or February, with a duration of five weeks.

Why should I study at Merlo?

Natural environment known for its beauty, good weather, diversified economic development, strongly oriented to tourism, and a cultural, technological, natural and human environment that has high percentages of schooling at all levels with a careful respect for the cultural traditions of the region.