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The National University of the Comechingones (Universidad Nacional de los Comechingones), created by Law No. 26.998 on October 22, 2014, emerges from the general objective of promoting the development of national education and culture, especially of the community in which it is inserted and its region of belonging.

It is headquartered in the Merlo Village, in the Department of Junín, San Luis Province. As it is located in the centre of the Argentine Republic, it has a privileged location, at the foot of the Comechingones Mountains, in a region of influence that includes the region Nuevo Cuyo, and the neighbouring provinces of Córdoba and La Pampa.

It is aimed at human, academic, professional, and societal development, and the solving of problems, needs, and demands of the community in general. With this object, it develops converging activities of teaching, research, extension, transfer, and cooperation that tend towards sustainable development of society, in a democratic, ethical, and solidary spirit stated by National Constitution, ensuring the respect and defence of human rights.

Committed to the current and future challenges, and aware of the complexity they imply, the UNLC encourages an interdisciplinary approach that has as transversals ideas of its strategic agenda of activities, the environment, gender, and sustainable development, taking into consideration the assumed commitments of our country in those matters.



The National University of the Comechingones (Universidad Nacional de los Comechingones), is a new Argentine public university, headquartered in Villa de Merlo, at the foot of the attractive Comechingones Mountains, in the Nuevo Cuyo region.

The UNLC strategic agenda revolves around sustainable development and environmental issues from an interdisciplinary perspective, with a focus on the challenges faced by arid and semi-arid territories in the broader context of climate change. We are interested in strengthening our internationalization agenda, and we seek to explore and meet potential university partners with similar interests and approaches. Issues such as water, renewable energy, ecology, meteorology, bioeconomy, agroecology, gender and social inclusion are, among others, at the top or our priorities and interests.



Water Resources Engineering
Environmental Engineering



Bachelor’s Degree in Paleontology (BSc)
Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science/Studies
Bachelor’s Degree in Atmospheric Science and
Applied Meteorology (BSc)
Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts (BA)




Technical Degree in Territorial Planning and Ordering
Technical Degree in Visual Arts
Technical Degree in Water management
Technical Degree in Environmental Management
Technical Degree in Meteorology



Technical Degree in Integral Management of Forest Fires
Technical Degree in Science Communication



Graduate Course in Bioeconomy
Graduate University Diploma in Agroecology




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