This Technical Degree is aimed to train human resources with a “comprehensive view” with abilities for using and attending to the different irrigation systems, pointing at an improvement in the operation and the achievement of a good insertion of the technicians with the primary producers to advise them in the development of sustainable agriculture and the care of the environment.

Additionally, to contribute to a generational change in the technical groups in private and public institutions related to irrigation and water resources in the province and its influence zone.

An entrepreneurial and cooperative spirit will be forged, with highly professional ethical behaviour, emphasizing ethical training and the social responsibility that professional actions in environmental matters entail.

Objectives and Competencies

  • Design, build, and supervise plot irrigation systems and open canals.
  • Design, build and operate pressurized irrigation systems.
  • Carry out cartographic and topographic surveys of irrigation and drainage systems.
  • Train the staff of irrigation consortiums and water cooperatives in irrigation, drainage, and preservation techniques.
  • Sampling, management and interpretation of results, of water and soil.
  • Define and classify land and water for irrigation.



· General Chemistry
· Law and Sustainable Development
· Communication Skills and Professional Competence
· General Hydrology
· Algebra and Geometric Analysis
· Soil Foundations
· Calculus
· Statistics
· Physics
· Technology, Environment, and Society
· Topography, Cartography, and Remote Sensing
· Practice I


· Economics and Costs
· Fundamentals of Agronomy
· General Hydraulics
· Water Chemistry and Biology
· Plant Physiology
· Fundamentals of Drainage
· Agrometeorology
· Water Resources Law
· Practice II


· Socioeconomic Development in Low Irrigated Areas
· Fundamentals of Irrigation
· Irrigation and Drainage
· Pressurized Irrigation
· Basin Integrated Management
· Agricultural Extension
· Design of Pressurized Irrigation Systems
· Plot Drainage
· Design, Operation, and Maintenance of Open Canals
· Practice III

University Technician in Water Management