Territorial planning and ordering is a management tool aimed to configure in the short, medium, and long term the organization of the use and occupation of the territory in pursuit of efficient and sustainable territorial development.

It must be conceived as an integral Public Policy that exceeds sectoral vision, supported by principles of participation, democracy, governability, equity, cohesion, and sustainability.

The educational offer is based on in-depth knowledge of the state or private intervention mechanisms on the territory. It requires the understanding of planning (concepts, methods, and techniques), as well as basic knowledge of biophysical, geographical, and urban characteristic traits of territory and its impact on social, economic, and political actors’ behaviour which take part in the space configuration.

An entrepreneurial and collaborative spirit will be forged, with highly professional ethical behaviour, emphasizing ethical education and the social responsibility that professional actions in environmental matters entail.

Objectives and qualifications

  • Elaborate projects in territorial planning and ordering at a local and regional scale, in urban and rural areas.
  • Work in interdisciplinary teams for the detection, evaluation, and resolution of environmental conflicts and problems.
  • Advise on the preparation of legislative projects about territorial planning and ordering.
  • Work in interdisciplinary teams for the development of environmental reports and impact studies.
  • Make up interdisciplinary teams for zoning and generation of land suitability maps for environmental risks at a local and regional level.
  • Plan, implement and develop sustainable urban projects considering efficient and rational use of available resources.
  • Participate in the configuration processes of the urban systems considering the relationship of their insertion in the multiple territorial and contextual scenarios.



· Geography
· Urbanism
· Professional and Communication Skills
· General Ecology
· Algebra and Geometric Analysis
· Technology, Environment, and Society
· Statistics
· Physics
· Geology, Geomorphology, and Edaphology
· Practice I


· Topography and Cartography
· Applied Geoinformatics
· Economics and Costs
· Environmental Hydrology
· Environmental Risks
· Project Development, and Management
· Environmental Management Tools I
· Environmental Law and Policy
· Practice II


· Environmental Management Tools II
· Sustainable Urban Project
· Basin Integrated Management
· Practice III

University Technician in Territorial Planning and Ordering