It intends to train professionals specialized in communication, capable of developing programs for the dissemination and social appropriation of science, carrying out research programs with the use of new technologies.

Simultaneously, these professionals will be able to investigate the history of each of the sciences and develop research on their evolution throughout the history of humanity. With these skills, the trained professionals will also be able to carry out educational projects together with teachers at all academic levels, and various teaching modalities.

Objectives and competencies

  • Plan, conduct and evaluate communication processes in science.
  • Design, implement and supervise plans or projects for dissemination, mass dissemination and popularization related to Sciences, either within the framework of public or private educational institutions or in the context of governmental or international management, funding, or evaluation agencies.
  • Produce materials, texts, radio and television programs, notes, and specialized chronicles for scientific dissemination projects.



· Scientific Thought
· Introduction to the world of Mathematics
· Writing Workshop I
· Media Design
· History and Tools of Physics
· Technology, Environment, and Society
· Communicational Theory
· Social Networks Management
· Writing Workshop II


· History and Tools of Chemistry
· Applied Statistics
· Society and Science
· Script and Narrative
· Writing Workshop III
· History and Tools of Biology
· Edition and Assembly
· History and Tools of Astronomy


· Introduction to the World of Social Sciences
· Law and Sustainable Development
· Instrumental and Observation in Chemistry, Physics, and Astronomy
· Economics and Costs
· Transmedia Narrative
· Science Documents
· Journalistic Skills Workshop
· Final Essay

University Technician in Science Communication