This degree proposes to generate a quality academic offer in the area of environmental management of productive, industrial and urban systems, with an approach applied to the analysis and resolution of problematic situations typical of the discipline, together with an efficient administration of resources and associated procedures, that leads to the mitigation of environmental externalities derived from human growth in a context of sustainable development.

Technical professionals will be trained with a creative, entrepreneurial, and collaborative spirit and interaction with other disciplines, with a highly professional ethical behaviour, emphasizing ethical training and social responsibility that professional actions in environmental matters entail.

Objectives and competencies

  • Participate in teams within public or private organizations that plan and implement policies, projects, procedures, and standards related to environmental auditing, certification, evaluation, planning, and regulation.
  • Work as a technical representative of generators, carriers, and operators of different types of waste from human activity.
  • Plan, organize, formulate, and control procedures, projects and actions conducive to achieving a sustainable performance of organizations and institutions in both the public and private sectors.
  • Record and follow up the conditions of the natural and anthropogenic environment for the preparation of diagnoses and comprehensive technical reports on conservation, protection, use, restoration, and improvement of environmental systems.



· Introduction to Administration
· Communicational and Professional Skills
· Introduction to Mathematics
· Biology
· General Chemistry
· General Ecology
· Statistics
· Technology, Environment, and Society
· Computer for Organizations


· Science of Earth
· Law and Sustainable Development
· Water Management
· Geoinformatics
· Waste Treatment and Management
· Environmental Lab
· Accounting for Environmental Management
· Tools for Environmental Management I
· Policy and Management of Organizations – Municipalities
· Renewable energy and energy efficiency


· Tools for Environmental Management II
· Elaboration and Project Management
· Environmental Risks
· Supervised Practice

University Technician in Environmental Management