The Paleontology Bachelor´s Degree prepares students to address the capacity to recognize, describe, analyze, and understand the remains of organisms that lived past geological periods, to understand their evolution, the environment in which they have developed and the processes they went through during their fossilization. In the same way, the training will be aimed at valuing and disseminating the importance of paleontological heritage and its preservation as good for humanity.

Objectives and qualifications

  • To conduct, collaborate, supervise, evaluate and advise on the study of evidence of remains of past biological activity, such as fossils, molds, impressions or footprints, both of plant and animal species and from large fossils to microscopic bacteria.
  • To conduct, supervise, participate, advise and evaluate paleontological and geological research aimed at problems of specific or general interest.
  • To direct, advise, and participate in the official registers of paleontological sites, collections, and remains.
  • To advise bodies responsible for the preservation, protection, and custody of the National Cultural Heritage.
  • Take part and advise on administrative actions to comply with Paleontological Heritage Protection Laws.



· Introduction to Chemistry
· Introduction to Mathematics
· General Biology
· General Geology
· Geoinformatics
· Sedimentology and Stratigraphy


· Introduction to Paleontology
· General Zoology
· General Botany
· Introduction to Physics
· Geomorphology
· Statistics
· Technology, Environment, and Society
· Biodiversity


· Law and Sustainable Development
· Paleoenvironments
· Ecology
· Biogeography
· Paleobotany
· Invertebrate Paleontology
· Vertebrate Paleontology


· Micropaleontology and paleoichnology
· Environmental-Heritage Law and Policy
· Elective Course I
· Biostratigraphy
· Taphonomy and Paleoecology
· Research Methodology
· Economics and Costs


· Historical Geology
· Evolution
· Elective Course II
· Elective Course III
· Supervised Professional Practice
· Dissertation

Paleontology Degree